Top-Rated Companies for Home Insurance

Each year, JD Power and Associates rank the best of the best in many businesses and products.

Companies were rated on Overall satisfaction, policy offerings, price, billing and payment, interaction and claims.

Though many of the companies are nationwide, there are a lot of multi-state regional insurance companies who also got high enough marks to make JD Powers list as well.

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Here is a look at the list of the companies that made their top cut, and a little bit about what makes each business unique:

  • Allstate: This company scored positively across the board, without any standout categories. They offer all kinds of property insurances, from home to car to motorcycle to business, and life insurance as well. This is a large company with nationwide office support, as well as 24 hour online service. They also offer a feature called a claim rate guard that keeps your premium from going up just because you file a claim.
  • American Family: This company, known as AmFam, scored highest in claims, satisfaction, offerings, and interaction. It is a people-centered company who markets themselves as protecting the dreams of their customers.
  • Amica Mutual: Amica is the only one of the companies who scored five stars in every category. They are one of the smaller insurance companies, but they claim to be the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles.
  • Auto-Owners Insurance: Auto-Owners scored perfect marks in Interaction, Policy Offerings and overall satisfaction. They provide insurance for 26 states, covering the bulk of the central US states.
  • Automobile Club Group: Automobile Club Group is more easily found online as AAA. This company is ranked positively for price, policy offerings, billing, and overall satisfaction.
    Though they are mostly known for their roadside assistance packages, they offer a few different insurance policies as well.
  • Automobile Club of Southern California: This regional subset of AAA gets high marks for many categories, and full marks for price. As AAA has regional offices, it appears to be a standout among the already highly ranked AAA insurance offerings.
  • COUNTRY: This financial and insurance group scored above average across the board, without any standout categories. They are one of the few insurance companies on this list who can not only help you with homeowners insurance, but financial planning and education loans.
  • CSAA Insurance Group
  • This state of California regional AAA insurance group is also a regional standout under the national AAA umbrella. Independent highlights for this homeowners insurance company includes an across-the-board higher than average ranking. The regional insurance group services customers in California, Nevada, and Utah.
  • Erie Insurance: Erie insurance scored highly, gaining 4 stars almost across the board for homeowner insurance categories. This East Coast insurance agency services twelve states in the great lakes and central East. It has a large presence both in offices and online availability. They offer coverage to include all the items in the home in a more comprehensive manner than many home insurance companies.
  • Farmers:This company scored above average almost across the board. Farmers is a large, nationwide company who offers insurance covering for everything imaginable, including rarer types like umbrella and pet insurance. They work hard to try and create individualized plans that fit the specific needs of each client, rather than trying to sell a few best fit cookie cutter plans.
  • Geico Geico’s highest score in the survey was for price. This is something they pride themselves on in their commercials, and that they have achieved due to the lack of overhead. The company was one of the first to eliminate much of the overhead costs that came with having to pay for buildings, and instead did much of their business at first by phone, and now online. They have added buildings and local agents more recently to their business plan, though they still work on keeping the price low for the customer.
  • Liberty Mutual This nationwide company scored above average in overall satisfaction, policy offerings, price, and billing and payment. They are one of the few companies whose home insurance is the bulk of their focus, as they offer not only homeowners insurance, but rental and condo as well. Though they do offer auto as well, it does not appear to be the focus that it is in most of the other multi-focus companies.
  • Mercury: This company has its highest marks in price and interaction. The company is currently available in thirteen states, scattered across the country. They pride themselves on conducting annual property value reviews of all their covered homes, to make sure that none of the places are undervalued if something drastic were to happen to them. As the lack of coverage that increases with the value of the home is something that is a cautionary tale for many homeowners, this is a definite benefit.
  • MetLife: This peanuts-endorsed company gets fair to good marks across the board. As they do a number of employer based plans in addition to their homeowner plans, the crossover gives them the infrastructure to pull insurance payments directly from pay stubs if you request this. They offer a number of add-on plans to cover personal in-home property, renters, and landlords.
  • top rated homeowners insurance ratesNationwide: Nationwide gets good marks across the board. They are a national company who offers a “new stuff replacement” policy with their homeowners insurance. They advertise fast claims, competitive rates, and accepted claims for severe weather events.
  • Progressive:This company scored fair to good in all categories, without any standouts. They offer a choice of how you are covered for your home, based on either cash value, replacement cost, or guaranteed replacement cost, which has no depreciation deduction and no dollar limit. This option is not available in all states, though Progressive insurance is available nationwide.
  • Safeco: This company scored good marks across all categories. They offer a lot of ways to make payments and claims available online or on your mobile device. They offer some interesting add-ons that not everyone is advertising, as well, like credit protection for only $1/month.
  • State Farm: This nationwide company got four stars in almost all categories, scoring as one of the highest large nationwide insurance providers. They are up front on their website about what is and is not covered, and will speak with homeowners about where they see potential coverage gaps that can be fixed.
  • The Hanover:Hanover got fair ratings across the board. They are a place with low insurance turnover, being rated one of the nation’s top places to work. If you find an insurance agent with them that you like, you will likely get to know them for a lifetime.
  • The Hartford: This company gets fair to good ratings along the list. They have an interesting policy breakdown that is different than others, where you can opt in or out of different insurance portions that cover primary home, additional structures, personal property, loss of use, liability, etc. This allows people to pay only for the things that they need, and to feel like they better understand the coverage and limitations of their plan.
  • Travelers: Travelers scored fair to good on all counts. They pride themselves on fast claim service during catastrophes, and liabilities and item protection during these times. Like most of the larger companies, they offer multi-policy discounts for adding one or more vehicles to your insurances with them.

No matter who you choose on the list, all of these companies have been vetted by JD Power and a number of consumers as quality companies providing a great product.

The best score may or may not be the best fit for you.

Like most things, homeowners insurance is most beneficial when you are paying for all of the kinds of coverage that you need, without being forced to pay for any of the options that you don’t need.

The best policy remains the one that makes sense for you in all ways.

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