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Home Insurance: 500 or 1000 Deductible

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In addition to comparison-shopping, one of the ways of saving money on your home insurance premium can be by opting for a larger deductible. Deductibles are the amount you agree to accept responsibility for paying when a property loss occurs under your home insurance policy. The claims department of the insurance company subtracts the amount […]

What happens if my home insurance score is poor?

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Welcome to the 21st Century and the digital world! Insurance companies now routinely access your credit score, use their own criteria, and develop an insurance score that may or may not affect the company’s underwriting on your home insurance. Many insurance companies use credit report information as well as other underwriting considerations to decide your […]

Learning More About a Home Insurance Umbrella Policy

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Probably you are familiar with all the types of insurance that can be purchased to protect the interests of individuals: Home Insurance – which is a package policy, usually offering insurance on a dwelling, contents, and personal liability Automobile Insurance – another package policy, providing legal liability coverage for automobiles you drive as well as […]

Explaining Personal Liability Coverage for Home Insurance

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A little-considered portion of home insurance coverage is personal liability insurance. As individuals, we proceed about our lives, unconcerned about our actions; unaware of the way others may perceive our actions. Personal liability as offered by our home insurance policy can help protect you from the costs of lawsuits that occur from daily activities. An […]

Which is better: a home insurance or a home warranty?

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Home warranties are becoming more popular when individuals purchase homes. Real estate agents provide access to their purchase and even recommend them to reassure people who worry that the appliances and systems in their home purchases may fail within a year or so after purchasing the home. Some people think that a home warranty can […]

How does a homeowners insurance deductible work?

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A vital clause in your insurance policy is that pertaining to a deductible. A deductible is, essentially, the amount deducted from a loss paid by the insurance company. As policyholder, you agree with the deductible and the insurance company’s right to subtract it from any loss. A deductible is the amount you, as policyholder, agree […]

Home Insurance 101: What You Need to Know

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You are purchasing a new place to live. How do you protect your new asset? What do you do to protect yourself against loss from the vagaries of weather, fire, theft, and provide liability coverage? Because honestly, your home is the little sanctuary that you want to protect from everything┬ájust like your relationships. Find out […]